'A fantastic week!
..We are hooked!'
Steve & Julia
(North Oxfordshire)
Blacksheep House won the 2008 Grand Designs Home of the year award.  Click here for more information

Extracts from Visitors Book

Recent Comments

Blacksheep House....blew us away! The house & the space it creates is absolute perfection & the ideal location for us to escape the hastle and bustle of our everyday life.
Harris is a stunning place & unlike anywhere we have been before.
Hugh & Naomi (02/11) (Reigate, Surrey)

But now it is time to go... and we simply hate it. So what to do but promise ourselves that we’ll be back.
Niek & Marie (01/11) (Amsterdam) 2nd. visit.

Until next time... Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon destination.
John & Jo (01/11)

We will definitely return to this place as it is the most beautiful, qyuiet island you could ever hope to visit.
Tony & Angela, Cumbria (Nov.’10)

In a nutshell, the most beautiful house we have ever had the fortune to step inside.
Tim & Fay, Pihilidelphia & Cardiff

We couldn’t imagine waking up to nicer surroundings, both inside & outdoors. We felt so at home in your lovely house, and for all its true style & ‘gorgeousness’ it always felt so at home for the week. I can’t say much more than that, - it is very special indeed.
The people we met on Harris & Lewis were so welcoming & interesting & we were bowled over with the scenery.
Sue & Steve, Cheshire (Oct.’10)

This house is magic...amazing!
Fredrik & Birgitta, Netherlands (Oct.’10)

...the perfect place for our honeymoon,. Complete luxury & inspiring designs.
There is so much more to do and see, so no doubt we’ll be returning soon.
Davinia & Luke, Glasgow (Sept. ‘10)

...The incredible skies, changing from one minute to the next; the incredible landscape; the incredible views, whether mountain, sea or loch... a little bit of heaven on earth.
Rob & Jane, Suffolk (Sept. ‘10)

Trevor & Cathy (Sept. ‘10)

So many people have said so much already... they’re all right! This House is unbelievably fantastic! it’s a different world here.
Lisa & walter, Vienna, Austria (Sept. ‘10)

The accommodation couldn’t have been more comfortable, stylish and functional for us all, with no detail forgotten.
Blacksheep House is the perfect place to relax and is in truly the most enchanting situation where I could have spent the whole week just watching the changing weather moods & scene outside from the comfort of the house!
...a truly exquisite experience.
Bill, Marianne, Catherine & James. (Aug. ‘10)

...a tranquility we have never experienced anywhere else.
Nick & Lyn, Coventry. (Aug. ‘10)

Thanks for providing internet access in Blacksheep House so we could do important research...on squatters rights!!!
Jon, Ali, Hannah & Lucy. Sterlingshire (Aug. ‘10)

Machair a delight, otter watching around the base of Ceapabhal, trip to Beraray, Murdo’s scallops - to die for.
Mary & Jon, Derbyshire. (Aug. ‘10)

Wow, what an amazing house. Just loved hanging out here, so much so that we found it hard to leave in the mornings!
Everyone has been so friendly and the neighbours wonderful. It’s not offer you live next to the local scallop diver! - thanks Murdo!
Janine & Nick (Aug.’10)

Highlights of the week:-
Murdo’s scallops
Seals playing with their pups at Finsbay
Food at Rodel Hotel
Fishing at Loch Haumanavat (first class! Mr. a McKinnon 530318)
A wild windswept coastline
Andrew & Collette, St. Helens, Merseyside. (July ‘10) 2nd visit.

The house is a joy, people so friendly & Harris magical.
Catherine & Paul, Perthshire (July ‘10)

Words cannot describe how we felt and lived last week.
We simply love Harris.
we simply love Blacksheep House.
Thankyou for giving this house back its life.
Erik & Willeke, Netherlands. (May ‘10)

We did find the Golden eagle but missed the otter by a whisker! we found his footprints in the sand!
we both love your house and neither of us want to leave. Just watching the view from the window is addictive.
Roger & Chris, Bucks. (May ‘10)

There is a lways a danger when you return to a place which you hold special in your memeoru that it won’t meet expectations. However, it’s just not the case with Blacksheep House and Harris.
It’s so special, it feels as though you are in a bubble away from the outside world.
It’s quality therapy.
We will return.
Rachel & Andrew, North Yorks. (April ‘10)

We cannot remember when we felt so relaxed or slept so well.
We have fallen in love with Harris, a walkers paradise.
we can’t wait to return.
Karen & Colin, Hereford. (April ‘10)

This week was a surprise birthday treat for my 40th. from my wife, - and boy, what a surprise!! - The website images don’t do this magical, special place justice, Awesome!!
We will definitely return.
James & Emily, Edinburgh. (Feb. ‘10)

We heard that Harris had to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, which has proved to be true, and this house has to be one of the most beautiful houses in the world!
- 2 more honeymooners.
Ruth & Elpidio, London & Columbia (‘Feb. ‘10)

The love that has gone into this building is truly exceptional. Even in the middle of winter Blacksheep House & the Isle of Harris have been an absolute joy to behold.
We could not have hoped for a more wonderful place to start married life!
Gordon & Lianne, Inverness.

The house & the views took our breath away. we never knew there were so many stars!
Jo & John, London (Jan. ‘10)


As ‘Grand Designs’ fans we were really excited about coming here & Blacksheep House has lived up to its promise.
June & Colin (Inverness-shire)

The Grandist design of a home without a doubt..... but the grandest design of all is outdoors in this amazing island! it has captured our hearts.
Alison & Steve (Glos)

We ‘ve travelled all over the World and once in a while you discover a place where there are no words to do it justice. Harris and Blacksheep House both fall into this category. truly memorable in every way and a priviledge to experience this Magical hideaway.

This is the life i crave - it is the best medicine for a stressed out soul, you should bottle it for the N.H.S.
Andrew & Rachel (Yorkshire)

What a place! Amazing widelife, the freshest of seafood and , of course spectacular scenery on your doorstap.
Spotted an Otter from the bay window within two hours of being here, saw golden Eagles (Luskintyre), Porpoises (toe Head) and seals (everywhere)
Kate & Matt (Epsom)

Highlights Of our stay ate too many to list them all, but a few are:- Walking over the top of the scramble ai Toe Haed th see the Golden Eagles rise up in front of us.

-the Boat trip around the ‘Stacks’ after visiting Hirta at STt Kilda. The Largest Ganet colony in the world & the sky just full of birds, spectacula!

We were very pleased with An clachan (the local shop) we thought we may strugle with abi being a vegetarian, but we got everything we needed there.
Mark (Carlisle)

We’ve been lucky enough to see golden Eagles twice and over 50 other species of birds. We’ve eaten like kings and can’t reccommend highley enough Murdows fantastic scallops ...so good we had them twice! just the best tonic for bodym mind and soul!
Collette & Andrew (Mersyside)

This house is wonderful for sure but it seems so much more than the sum of its parts. One hesitates to use the word spiritual but others seem inadequate certanly its done great things for my spirit. Leigh (Hertfordshire)

This place is the most subline & extraordinary home it blows you away !! the island does the same quite literally! These Landscapes are amazingly varied, golden beaches, thousands of shells, beautiful pebbles and a rocky sucession of mini Filords. This Blacksheep House is a masterpice- it captures the essence of this island.
Giles & Isobel (Sussex)

Only one fault with Blacksheep House - time flys by too fast
Paul & Christine (Cumbria)

The best place to Celibrate Love, Life & Nature to get back to basics, to be inspired and enchanted by simple things. This was a fairy tale for us we could not imagine a better place to start our journy together as amarried couple tham Blacksheep House.
Tatjana & Nenad (Novi Sad, Belgrade, Budapest, Mosgow, Siena Rome, Glasgow ..... World)

“...watching the ebb and flow of the tide in front of beautiful sunsets from the comfort of the lounge. If this wasn't a perfect honeymoon then they simply don't exist.”
(Dave & Lynne High Wycombe)

“This place is stunning. The house is outstanding: harmonious and unobtrusive in its setting, yet so large and comfortable inside. We loved the outlook and could relax for hours watching everything from horizontal sleet to brilliant sunshine. You don't need to go anywhere to have a wonderful relaxed time. The way the house works from the flow of spaces to the warm floors to the details of design ... it really is magnificent!And then: Pete & Christine are generous hosts, everyone is friendly and welcoming; the walks, the history, the wildlife - A remarkable holiday which we didn't want to leave.”
(Tim, Kate, Tessa & Anne, Edinburgh)

“The Isle of Harris, the flowers, the birds, ferries, Murdo's scallops, weather, and of course the house - all absolutely perfect. we had a fabulous holiday!!”
(Mary & John, New Mills, Derbyshire)

“Exceptional accommodation. One of the best weeks we have spent on this lovely island in all our 32 years of visiting.”
(Bob & Kathleen, East Lothian)

“Totally surpassed our expectations. Just sitting in the window is to die for and will remain in our memories a very long time.”
(Paul & Christine)

“Blacksheep House exceeded our expectations.”
(Paul & Nat, Sheffield)

“A magical week. The house has been an utter delight to return to at the end of the day - we are only sorry the fantastic weather has not tempted us to stay in!”
(Peter, Marjorie & Catriona, Edinburgh)

“An Extraordinary house and an extraordinary island, We've had the most amazing time. The house is beautiful And I think we spent as much time admiring the lines, the curves and all the fantastic details as we did enjoying the views outside!”
(Lanie & Neil, Sussex)

“Blacksheep House has been a truly magical and relaxing place to stay. The sunsets are amazing and the mornings are still and restful. Haven't slept so well for ages!”
(Allan & Karen, Broughty Ferry)

“The House is fabulous. It reminded us of our grandparents' houses - you have truly captured the essence of a by-gone island age. Of course all the "mod cons" make the house much more comfortable! We had a wonderful time here - very peaceful and relaxing.”
(Iain D & Anne, Back, Isle of Lewis)

“A fantastic week! Incredible weather - rain, hail, gales, sun, mist - everything. Wild landscape, wild seas, what more can anyone ask for. It has been a privilege to stay here. We are hooked!”
(Steve & Julia, North Oxfordshire)

This has been the best break ever! we love this house so much, we want one! The view is brilliant and everything surrounding is great, we could not have found a better place anywhere.
(Diane & Graham, Barvas, Isle of Lewis)

An amazingly restful, soulful home. Exploring the island we were blown away, what amazing COLOURS!
(Catriona & Angus, Manchester)

Harris is beautiful, full of contrast from North to South, East to West. Rugged mountains down to unspoilt beaches that go on for miles, literally. Everything about the house, the design, fittings, little touches (home baked bread) and not forgetting the setting, is amazing.
(Jamie & Heather, Selkirk)

About the house

“Blacksheep House has everything you need whether it is glorious sunshine or more traditional Harris weather.”
(Rob & Jilly , Edinburgh)

“It has been a real joy to spend a week in Blacksheep House.”
(Alastair & Jan, Merseyside)

“It has been a pleasure to come back to the house each evening, love the open plan flow of spaces and changing perspectives, the wild flower garden, the bathroom, the turf roof etc etc”
(David & Diane, Derbyshire)

“One of, if not the most perfect place to simply be I have ever been.”
(Becka, Sheffield)

“We are so impressed with the work that you have done with the house ! Every detail has been thoroughly considered. It completely feels and shows that it was built from the heart.”
Tim & Michael, California)

“We feel privileged to have stayed in your beautiful home. All the special touches have made it more like staying in a 5 star hotel than the average self catering.”
(Lance & Gayle, North Yorkshire)

Harris and Wildlife Highlights

“Love the beaches, its been a stress free heaven and neither of us really want to leave. “
(Mike & Julia, Norwich)

“All you really need to do is step outside the door - it is all around.”
(Steven & Leah, Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

“When you get a clear night , don't miss the milky way - lying on your back on the rug is our recommendation spotting shooting stars and satellites.”
(Simon, Donna, Harry, Jon & Dylan)

“Beaches are spectacular why would anyone want to go abroad? Highlights, seeing sea otters, seals. deer & buzzards.”
(Tony & Sarah Leicestershire)

'Greatest escape ever! Relaxed like the sheep, free as the
golden eagles!'
(Neik & Marie, Amsterdam)

“The ultimate 'get away from it all' location.”
(Sarah & Tony, Leicestershire)

“An inspirational house
on a stunningly
beautiful island.”
(Alison & George, Bedford)

“Great memories but the greatest is Blacksheep House with its perfect location, total comfort & friendly nieghbours.”
(Stewart & Janice, Edinburgh)

“Your House is amazing, the views fantastic. Your island is a heaven for people who like wild nature and quiet life.”
(Henry & Marie, Paris)

“The house is a great place to unwind & the people are so friendly. We had a fantastic time.”
(Justin & Elizabeth, North Cornwall)

“A truly magical place.
(Paul & Christine, Cumbria)

“Everything about this week has been extraordinary & exceptionally good; the journey, the house, the views from the windows, the weather, the people, the conversations, the walks, Murdo's scallops, the coast, the archeology, the geology, the beaches. Absolutely everything.”
(Jim & Sue, Dolphinholme)

“An Otter on the first sunday just down the road by the small bridge over the burn. Many Golden Eagle sightings, the most was four soaring over the hill near Toe Head & watching the Curlew Redshank etc. at low tide from the bay window.”
(Rob & Jilly , Edinburgh)

“Rennish point where we saw a 5metre long basking shark!”
(Red & Tim , Norfolk)

“Particularly memorable was the walk from Northton road end to the old Chapel as we were lucky to follow a shoal of porpoise feeding only 10 feet away from the shore.”
(Lance & Gayle, North Yorkshire)

Plenty of high praise has been given to the fresh local seafood (especially the scallops) as provided by Murdo, our friendly neighbour and diver.
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