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Winter Harris

We love the winter on Harris, the days are short and the weather dramatic.
You may imagine the Outer Hebrides to be a bitterly cold place in the winter months but due to the Gulf Stream the temperature is high compared to the mainland, seldom reaching freezing point.

There are fiery sunrises and rich crimson and pink sunsets. The weather can change quickly as strong winds send tumbling clouds across huge skies, rain giving way to brilliant sunshine that reflects silver light from deserted beaches and inky lochs.

The deep russets and blondes of the heather, reeds and grass cloak the rugged land in colours of ever changing intensity, and magnificent rainbows seem to spring up all around. Bright white spray dances from the crests of turquoise waves and distance is foreshortened by the airs' astonishing clarity.

On clear nights the sky is full to bursting with stars, the milky way clearly visible and of course the chance of seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

The house is a perfect place for this time of year, warm, snug and luxurious, its metre thick stone walls and turf roof closing out the weather but panoramic windows allowing you to enjoy the experience of even the wildest days; its position such that it benefits from sunsets all year round and gets the best of the winter light.


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